Ensure an Adequate Minimum Income for all!

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About the campaign

What is Minimum Income?

Minimum Income provisions are social assistance schemes of last resort, and are therefore a lifeline for the people in greatest poverty. Minimum Income schemes are often for people of working age and access to the schemes often requires that the person is actively seeking work.

What is the current situation in the European Union?

Three Member States currently do not have Minimum Income schemes in place (Greece, Italy, Hungary). The same is also true for Norway. Even where schemes exist there are serious flaws with the accessibility and the adequacy of these schemes.

Why this campaign?

International human rights instruments commit Governments to respect human dignity. The 2008 EU Commission Recommendation on Active Inclusion recognises “the individual's basic right to resources and social assistance sufficient to lead a life that is compatible with human dignity”. Through this campaign, EAPN seeks to hold Governments accountable for these commitments.

Campaign tools – what you can do

Please sign our appeal, calling for adequate Minimum Income schemes for a dignified life across Europe. Your support could mean a better life for someone. You can find adapted versions in your language on our homepage.

This appeal has already been signed by prominent European and national personalities and people with direct experience of minimum income schemes. You can see our supporters here. We are presently gathering more support in favour of this initiative.

Not everyone has access to a dignified life.