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# Surname Name Country Organisation
121 Santos Pedro Portugal
122 Santos Costa Mariana Portugal
123 Concetta Guazzoni Italy Provincia Potenza
125 Stephan Backes Belgium Réseau Belge de Lutte contre la Pauvreté
126 Baltza Bernart Spain EAPN Euskadi
127 Gonçalves António Portugal
128 Maritza Neto Portugal
129 Ventura Jose Portugal
130 Lucas Fernando Portugal Instituto Politecnico de Santarem
131 Correia Teresa Portugal
132 Santos Maria Helena Portugal ES Mario Sacramento
133 RIbeiro Tavares Gandra Dulce Rosaria Portugal
134 pinho gomes benvinda conceiçao pinho gomes Portugal
135 Magalhaes Paulo Portugal
136 André Duarte Portugal ADCE-Associação Desenvolvimento Concelho Espinho
138 Scognamiglio Veronica Italy
139 Sara Morais Pinto Portugal Associação CAIS
140 azevedo ana antunes Portugal assistente social
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Not everyone has access to a dignified life.